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About Us

M&L Horsemanship, was established at the beginning of 2016 and was originally comprised of trainers and instructors Michelle Fleishman and Laura Reinhold. Between the two of them, they have over 60 years of experience in the horse world. Laura started riding when she was just barely old enough to see over the saddle horn, and has kept the passion alive into adulthood. Michelle got her start in Westernaires and later earned a degree in Equine Science and Management through CSU.

In 2020, the duo sadly separated due to life changes caused by the pandemic; Michelle stayed in Denver, where she continues to teach lessons, and Laura has since moved to NE Wyoming, where she continues teaching riders and training horses. 

M&L Horsemanship is founded on a profound love and respect for all horses and an unwavering commitment to best serve and promote their well-being through education, consultation, training and outreach. We believe that the best way to interact with horses is by getting to know each one intimately and treat them like the unique individuals they are while still paying heed to the proven universal principles that have guided horsemen for centuries. 

Our private and semi-private lessons offer students a unique blend of education in universally accepted techniques and methods with a personalized and individually-tailored approach to horses that prioritizes safety and fun for both horse and rider. We strive to encourage the formation of a comfortable bond  between our students and their mounts so that both horse and human will look forward to their next encounter. At M&L Horsemanship we believe that good riding is not discipline-specific, so clients have the option of riding English, Western or even bareback! Our main objective is to share our love and knowledge of horses with our clients and to help them reach their horsemanship goal, whether that is simply feeling more comfortable in the saddle, learning how to execute advanced lateral movements, gaining the skills necessary to own or lease a horse, or mastering new training techniques.  


What sets our lessons apart from others is our fun and laid-back atmosphere and low-pressure approach that allow you to familiarize yourself safely with horses and our horsey curriculum on your own terms and at your own pace. While we do encourage all of our students to progress and improve their horsemanship skills at every session,  we won't ever coerce them into performing beyond what they are prepared to do. We seek to develop the kind of personal relationship with each of our students that fosters open communication and comfortable, stress-free learning that is focused on your goals.


When taking lessons with us at M&L Horsemanship, you never have to worry about the welfare of the animals you'll encounter because our horses' health, well-being, happiness and comfort take precedence over all else. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing top-notch care of our amazing four-legged staff, without whom none of our operation would be possible.

At M&L Horsemanship we also offer different horse-training packages to best meet your horse's needs. Our program combines elements of natural and classical horsemanship to produce soft, willing, safe and balanced equine partners who know how to best use their bodies to support the weight of their rider without overburdening themselves. Our training is correct and methodical, yet individualized to meet the horse's and its owner's needs. We will never take short-cuts that may jeopardize an animal's health or well-being. Whether starting a young horse, re-training or refining an older one for a specific purpose, or correcting a horse's bad habits, we will work closely with with the owners so that they may see how to either maintain or advance their horse's training once it is back in their care. Additionally, all of our clients will enjoy our continued support for the life of their horse, even if the horse changes ownership.


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